Thoughts about IHS55

It’s going to take some time to process everything that took place in Montréal this past week for #IHS55.

The flow of talent and creativity was exhilarating and inspiring! The learning was unbounded, including what I learned and discovered of myself.

It was an honour and great privilege to have presented a growing body of new works for horn with my friend and colleague, the composer, David Jaeger. And to have been met with such an enthusiastic response is more than we could have asked for.

Many thanks to Elise Taillon-Martel (horn) and Sara Schabas (soprano) for sharing their beautiful sound and for catching the spirit of this project!

With all of life’s intricacies and complexities, there is one simple message that now burns brighter in my heart than ever before. Continue running the race that you, and only you, have been called to run because,

You are worthy.

Olivia Esther

images by Roslyne Black 

This inspiring musician gave the most wonderful lecture-recital on the subject of melodic lines inspired by poetry. 5 new pieces added to the repertoire by the delightful David Jaeger and available at the Canadian Music Centre.


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