The intersection of Poetry and Music Lecture Recital

French Hornist Olivia Esther and David Jaeger will be presenting a lecture recital at the International Horn Society annual conference in Montreal Wednesday, July 26, 2023 with special guests: Elise Martel, horn (OSQ) and Sara Schabas, Soprano. The presentation will take place at 5 pm in the Salle Serge Garant at the Faculty of Music of the … Read more

Conjuring: Viola Music of David Jaeger

Elizabeth Reid playing her viola

This recording of the Viola Music of David Jaeger features violist Elizabeth Reid and pianist Alison Bruce Cerutti, both prodigious artists on their instruments. The disc features spirited, occasionally restless performances that thrillingly capture the adrenalin rush of a live concert albeit the fact that it is a wonderfully produced studio recording. Needless to say, … Read more

Coming of Age In The 1990s – Part 2

Large decorated canoe with 12 people on a misty lake

It was 3:40 in the morning. The forest was in absolute stillness, the canoe slipping into the water, barely making a sound. It was a cool September morning on Wildcat Lake in the Haliburton Forest in 1997. My cargo – two condenser microphones and a portable digital recorder – and I were heading out to … Read more